New Protein-packed Year, New You

As you resolve to be a healthier you this year, pack some protein into your diet.

Healthy Protein packs a punch.

Protein-laden diets are still in demand because protein is great for you. A recent Rutgers study (11/22) says that “eating a larger proportion of protein while dieting leads to better food choices and helps avoid the loss of lean body mass.” Combine this with a higher intake of veggies and healthy fats, and you have an achievable recipe for a healthier you.

Lean proteins like chicken are stellar choices when it comes to planning to up your protein intake. Chicken is low in saturated fat and packed with nutrients that play important roles in metabolism, energy production, and overall health.

Choose better-for-you chicken from Georges Farmers Market.

Of course, you’ll want your chicken to be the most tender and juicy chicken you can find if you’re going to be eating more and more of it. And you’ll get that with Georges Farmers Market. Our chicken is ALWAYS non-GMO and raised here in America with clean ingredients. Our flocks are never fed or given any hormones, steroids, anti-biotics, or animal by-products. We go the extra mile to make sure the chicken we produce is not only good for you, but tastes amazing too. You really can taste the difference!

Variety is the spice of life.

It’s time to take the focus off calorie reduction and place it on a variety of healthy food combinations to take the stress out of meal prep and encourage having fun with flavors and styles. We have tons of inspirational recipes that keep things fresh and interesting on our website along with tips & tricks to help you make the most of your chicken.

Check out the healthy—but never boring!—recipes below to get you started on the right path. Stay committed to upping your protein intake and you’ll be a new you in no time.

Italian Chicken Breast Meals

Honey Sriracha Kebabs

Italian Air Fry Chicken & Vegetables

Lemon Dijon Chicken

You + Chicken = A new, healthier you!

You can do it and we’re here to help—follow us on our social channels for even more fresh recipes and meal ideas! Then start stocking up on our healthy, delicious chicken. We have all the cuts you need available at a Sam’s Club near you.