Fresh Chicken Breast Tenderloins

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Fresh chicken breast tenderloins. Aged on the bone for incredible tenderness and a natural bite. Available at select grocers.

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No Antibiotics Ever
Our chickens are raised with no antibiotics ever, of any kind.
Non-GMO Project Verified
We feed our chickens a diet using non-GMO grains.
No Hormones or Steroids
Hormones or steroids are never administered to our birds to enhance faster growth and development. The use of hormones and steroids is prohibited by law.
All Natural Chicken
Minimally processed with no artificial ingredients.
No Added Salts or Solutions
We don't inject or marinate our chicken with salts or solutions. You're getting 100% all natural chicken.
Gluten Free
Since we add nothing to our chicken, such as a salt solution, this product is gluten free.
Fed All Vegetable Diet
Our chickens are fed a healthy diet of corn, soybean meal, and nutrients.
Cage Free
100% of our chickens are free roaming and never confined to cages.
USDA Process Verified
This rigorous program certifies our chickens are fed a non-GMO diet, never administered antibiotics, are fed an all-vegetable diet, and are cage free.
Arkansas Raised
We're proud to raise 100% of our chickens locally in Arkansas. From farm to store, our consumers can count on a local product from our great state.
Born and Raised in USA
Consumers worry about where their products come from. We're proud to hatch, raise, and harvest all of our chickens right here in the USA.
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Product Handling

Raw chicken (fresh and frozen) should be handled with care to avoid food born illness. Frozen chicken should be cooked from frozen, or thawed overnight in a refrigerator or slowly in cool water. Frozen chicken products are typically good for up to 12 months when kept frozen. Fresh chicken should be either cooked or frozen prior to the best by/use by/sell-by date on the package. Expired chicken should always be discarded, regardless of appearance or smell.


Cooking Instructions

Chicken is a versatile product that can be prepared in many ways: grilling, smoking, baking, frying, slow cooking, air frying, and other methods. Regardless of the chosen cooking method, all chicken products should be cooked to a minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees. We recommend cooking chicken products that contain bones, such as thighs and drumsticks, to an internal temperature of 180 degrees to ensure the product is cooked completely. A digital thermometer is recommended. While commonplace methods such as cooking chicken until the juice runs clear may work, we always tell our consumers to use a digital thermometer.