Spring Into Flavor

Elevate your table in springtime flair with Georges Farmers Market Chicken.

Get ready to Spring for fresh flavors.

The chill in the air is starting to wane and you know what that means. Spring is here, and so are fresh flavors! It’s time to shake off the cold of winter and celebrate spring with unique and vibrant meals.

Whether you’re gathering for Sunday dinner or crafting a delicious weeknight meal, our collection of Spring-inspired recipes will put a little pep in your step as life starts greening up. Let’s embrace the new season and enjoy delicious meals together with our tender, juicy chicken!

Meet our collection of recipes that bring the flavor.

From Balsamic Chicken to Lemon Thyme Roasted Spatchcock Chicken, these recipes will help you create tasty and memorable dishes that are packed full of flavor. Don’t miss our Healthy Burrito Bowls with Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice for a lighter option. It’s the perfect way to keep your commitment to staying healthy in the new year going strong without sacrificing the adventurous tastes you love.

Lemon Thyme Roasted Spatchcock Chicken

A harmonious blend of tangy lemon, aromatic thyme, and tender, juicy chicken is a surefire way to tantalize your taste buds and leave them craving more.

Serve alongside your favorite veggies, wild rice, or a crisp garden salad for a complete and satisfying meal.

Healthy Burrito Bowls with Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice

Enjoy the rich flavors of this nutritious twist on a classic favorite. Smoky chipotle chicken and sweet, earthy poblano corn salsa are the stars of the show here. While zippy lime-infused cauliflower rice and a colorful array of fresh, wholesome ingredients really up the nutrient game for this dish.

Serve them piled high (no guilt!) or do a build-your-own style for a customized approach.

Balsamic Glazed Roasted Chicken

A rich blend of luscious balsamic glaze with hints of tangy Dijon mustard and sweet honey adorn this roasted-to-perfection chicken, a true mouthwatering culinary masterpiece.

Pair with roasted baby potatoes, green beans, or a chopped kale salad and you can’t miss.

You ready to spring into flavor now? Great!

With these cheery recipes at your fingertips, all you need to get started is our always non-GMO premium chicken. Not sure where to shop? Check out our store finder or click below to see what’s in stock at a Sam’s Club near you. Happy Spring!