Quit Cold Turkey: Choose Chicken

5 Reasons Why You Should Skip the Traditional Turkey This Thanksgiving … and Pick the Chicken

November marks the official start of the holiday season. Whether you agree it’s socially acceptable to put up your Christmas tree yet or not, we can all agree that it’s time to start planning your Thanksgiving meal. If you have the honorable yet daunting task of cooking the Thanksgiving meal this year, I am here today to help alleviate some of the holiday stress by taking one decision off your plate — skip the turkey. Thanksgiving has long been touted as the turkey holiday, but this year there’s a new fowl in town (and hopefully on your plates): chicken.

Chicken is the perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table this year. Here’s why:

  1. It’s Smaller

Chickens are much smaller than turkeys, which make them a great alternative for smaller families or gatherings. Unless, of course, you want to eat leftover turkey for weeks. Because chickens are smaller, cooking them is also so much easier to manage. Speaking of easy …

  1. It’s Easier

When you pick chicken as your Thanksgiving main course, you immediately alleviate half the stress associated with cooking the Thanksgiving meal. OK, maybe not half, but a lot. But taking any amount of stress away during the holidays is a win! I cannot emphasis how much easier cooking a chicken is than cooking a turkey. With turkey you need a bigger pan, more seasoning, more time to thaw, more time to brine, more time to roast, and more time to contemplate all your life choices while it’s in the oven. Chicken is the easy, uncomplicated choice.

  1. It’s Quicker

Because chicken is so much smaller, it cooks quicker! Depending on the size of the turkey, going with chicken instead could cut your cooking time in half. An 8- to 12-pound turkey can take up to three and a half hours to cook, and if you go all in with a 20-pound turkey, it can take up to FIVE hours. But cooking a 6- to 8-pound whole chicken can take as little as an hour and a half hour, maybe two and a half hours if it’s on the bigger side. (Bonus: Check out our smoked chicken recipe, which needs to cook right at two hours!) This means you can spend less time sweating in the kitchen and more time talking and laughing with friends and family. After all, time is money folks. Speaking of money …

  1. It’s Cheaper

At George’s, we pride ourselves on our reasonable prices — we want to make sure every family can afford our delicious chicken! But regardless of which chicken you choose, it will be cheaper than a turkey. In fact, The New York Times just published an article saying turkeys will be more expensive than ever this year. With inflation, challenges with the supply chain, and the avian flu affecting the total turkey population, finding a turkey will be hard this Thanksgiving. According to USDA reports, turkey prices are at an all-time high. The national average price for a frozen, Grade A, 8- to 16-pound whole turkey reached $1.87 per pound on November 10, 2022, compared to just $1.44 per pound last year for the same bird. Avoid the frustration and save money by skipping the turkey altogether.

  1. It’s Tastier

If I could shout it from the mountains I would: turkey is overrated! Chicken tastes better than turkey — it’s as simple as that. And everyone loves chicken, meaning even the kids will clear their plates. Not to be biased, but George’s chicken is the way to go. For a tender and juicy main dish, try our fresh whole chicken. At George’s, we know where your chicken comes from matters. We feed chickens a healthy, non-GMO diet and don’t use hormones, steroids or antibiotics. We raise our chickens right — and you can taste the difference.

As you sit down to your Thanksgiving meal this year surrounded by loved ones and good food, I hope a lovely, delicious chicken is at the center of your table. Now that you’re convinced, it’s time to buy your Thanksgiving chicken. Find a store near you today!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!