USDA Process Verified

Performing to high standards requires us to hold ourselves accountable. That’s why we use the USDA Process Verified program to audit our processes—to make sure that we’re feeding our flocks non-GMO feed, maintaining that our flocks remain antibiotic-free, and other important raising standards.

Raised the Natural Way

  • Our chickens are raised with no antibiotics, ever.
  • Our chickens are fed an all-vegetable diet of US-sourced, non-GMO grains. Never any animal by-products.
  • We don’t pump or inject with salt solutions or other “stuff” to enhance the product.* You’re getting 100% tender, juicy chicken—chicken how it should be.
  • All of our growing operations are cage-free, with comfortable roaming and feeding room in accordance with the rigorous standards set forth by the USDA Process Verified Program.
  • Our flocks are never administered hormones or steroids that interfere with the natural growth cycle of the birds.

*Applewood and Spicy Asian marinated products have added marinades made from all-natural, non-GMO ingredients and seasonings because we’re dedicated to avoiding hard-to-pronounce ingredients that you’ve never heard of. Instead, we use wholesome ingredients you recognize and feel good about.

No Antibiotics Ever

Raised with Non-GMO grains

Fed an All-Vegetable Diet

Get the Details. See the Difference.

Check out this helpful flyer from the USDA that details their process. We’re proud to meet all of these rigorous standards.

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